Meet The Founders

As successful businesswomen in their own right, Bekka and Lysa came together to do something about their shared vision to create working environments where everyone adds value and feels valued. As they shared their experiences of working in the online world they spotted some common challenges faced by online business owners, digital freelancers and employees working as remote team members. Being great at what you do is not enough - the working relations they saw (and sometimes experienced) were often frustrating and painful and could even leave people questioning what they were doing.

Their first offering the Virtual Collaboration Academy™ is on a mission to change this - to make working together online work! Their free assessment, the Virtual Collaboration Index™ identifies your collaboration Superpowers and your kryptonite. They also offer courses, workshops, coaching, and accelerator tools to turn the frustration into fabulous, fun and fulfilling; go from painful to productive and from irritating to inspiring. And they walk their talk - they have yet to meet in person!

Meet Bekka Prideaux

Bekka is an executive and leadership coach who has worked with business owners, leaders and project teams for over 25 years, working hard to get them set up for success. She helps her clients find clarity, build their skills and get exceptional results.

Bekka's Specialisms

  • Leading Culture Change & Employee Engagement Programs
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Team Formation, Development & Building
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration
  • Type of Collaborator: Flexible Collaborator
  • Myers Briggs: INFJ 
  • Language of Appreciation: Quality Time
  • Fascination Archetype: The Catalyst

Meet Lysa Greer

Lysa is a digital strategist and creative collaborator who helps clients build stronger relationships with their customers online. With 18 years of diverse experience in broadcast and digital media, she provides a wide range of opportunities to work with a variety of clients and teams, both virtually and in-person.

Lysa's Specialisms

  • Certified Facilitator Of Appreciation At Work™ & The Motivating By Appreciation Inventory™
  • Creating Sustainable Value-Based Systems & Processes
  • Relationship Marketing & Digital Production
  • Team Leadership & Management
  • Collaboration
  • Type of Collaborator: Creative Collaborator
  • Myers Briggs: INFJ-T
  • Hands Heart
    Language of Appreciation: Words of Affirmation
  • Fascination Archetype: The Intrigue

Discover Your Collaboration Superpower

The Virtual Collaboration Index™ will give you the insights you need to be a virtual collaborator superhero.