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On Virtual Collaborations + Creating A Valued Workforce?

Both Bekka and Lysa are extremely passionate about all things collaboration and are always looking to share their message of making our working relationships, and working environments, beneficial for all involved.

Through their Virtual Collaboration Index and Virtual Collaboration Academy, they seek to help support those working in the ever growing field of virtual employment. Learn more here.

Through The Valued Workforce®, they seek to share ways in which any one, at any level, in any field, can feel valued in their work.
Learn how here.


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key topics

  • Virtual Collaboration: Understanding Yourself as a Collaborator
  • Virtual Collaboration: Harnessing Your Collaborative Superpower
  • Virtual Collaboration in a Team Setting
  • The Valued Workforce: What Is It + How Can It Benefit You + Your Team
  • The Valued Workforce: Understanding the 5 Core Elements

Featured Interviews

Small Business Podcast

  • Learn why virtual collaboration is such a challenge for so many of us working in our virtual teams
  • Discover what are some of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to working in virtual collaborations
  • Learn how we can become better virtual collaborators

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