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Lysa is a digital producer who helps service-based entrepreneurs fulfill their business vision through creative ideation, technical solutions, and relationship marketing. With 19 years of diverse experience in broadcast and digital media, she provides a wide range of opportunities to work with a variety of clients and teams, both virtually and in-person.

The Value of Contribution

By Lysa Greer | Contribution

“Life is not accumulation, it is about contribution.” ~ Stephen Covey No matter what it is that we do, no matter our business choices, work and employee statuses; no matter our title, whether we are pedaling sales material on the street, door to door, taking out the trash, or creating code; we all have a […]

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respect in the workplace

Respect in the Workplace

By Lysa Greer | Respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Do you know what it means to be? Yes, I realize I’m swapping out a small word in an iconic song, but, Aretha will forgive me because she knows I mean the same thing she did when she shouted to all to have respect for one another. A few years ago, I was at […]

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work culture

Adjusting Your Work Culture

By Lysa Greer | Work Culture

Do you ever feel that your work environment could use an attitude adjustment? The work culture feels negative, heavy, and leaves you feeling drained. No matter what kind of work you do, odds are your part of a team in some way, shape, or form at this very moment. You might be part of an […]

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How To Collaborate Like A Pro

By Lysa Greer | Respect

There’s an old adage that says, “Respect is earned, not given.” When I think of that statement, I would agree it’s mostly true. However, it may not be as applicable in a collaborative environment as it is in a traditional workplace. When you’re working on a project with a team of collaborators, everyone is going […]

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The Lost Art of Listening

By Lysa Greer | Respect

Have you ever been talking with someone, and you can tell right away they’re not really listening to you? It’s not just the eye shifts or even the body language. Sometimes they could be staring dead at you, but you can just tell their mind is not with you, and they’re not fully listening to […]

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